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Top 20 Visionary CEOs 2024

You and the board have very different responsibilities, but you have the same goal: securing the future of the company. To accomplish that, the composition of the board is of paramount importance and executives are demanding changes to address AI and climate. And there are competing relationships that need your attention too as these stakeholders can wield power over your vision. Developing deep and trusted relationships with employees, regulators, NGOs, community groups and others helps align them to, and potentially even accelerate, your strategy. The complex calculus that goes into properly balancing those relationships is a must-have skill for current and up-and-coming CEOs.

There are so many things that CEOs are responsible for, but most importantly it is to enhance their leadership, the company and the employees. Here are a few transformative leaders who are making a difference.

Cover Story

Sebastian Oviedo | CEO | micampus Residencias

Universities and colleges are under constant pressure to provide residential facilities that match the needs and expectations of modern students. However, with ever-changing student housing trends, building amenities that foster socialization, engagement, and academic excellence has proved hard to crack. But this already compelling list of challenges is further complicated by the emergence of COVID-19 in student housing and campuses worldwide...

Azzedine T Downes | President & CEO | International Fund for Animal Welfare

The willingness to embrace the unknown and trust in taking the road less traveled has been one defining characteristic in the life and career of Azzedine Downes. An American Muslim...

Dr. Constance Jones | CEO | GOAL Academy

Dr. Constance Jones, Ph.D., joined GOAL Academy in 2018, bringing her over 35 years of public education experience. As a veteran educator and administrator, Dr. Jones now leads Colorado’s largest...

Edward P Brady | President/ CEO | HBI

Entrepreneurs are defined by their ability to attack problems with unique and creative solutions.. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, leaders of all kinds of enterprises build teams where innovation...

Fernando Murias | Chairman & CEO | Digital Global Systems

In today’s business environment, dynamic leadership has become a requirement for survival. The only thing constant now is change—and the pace of that change is accelerating at breakneck speeds. Demographic shifts...

Dr. John H. Helm Jr. | CEO & Chairman | Rockhead Consulting

Dr. John H. Helm Jr., the CEO and chairman of Rockhead Consulting, believes success only comes with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to always focus on the client and...

Kyle Molotkin | President & CEO | Informanix Technology Group

For Kyle Molotkin, the proudest moment as the CEO of Informanix Technology is when the people who have chosen to work with him see meaningful progress in their own lives...

Mark Goodway | CEO | The Matthew Tree Project

On a Sunday morning in the summer of 2010, Mark Goodway was on his way to the church when he stopped at the traffic lights and noticed an elderly homeless...

Mark Hollingsworth | CEO | The Nutrition Society

Under Mark Hollingsworth’s aegis as CEO of The Nutrition Society, the Society has witnessed itself getting transformed into a more contemporary strategically-focused organization while maintaining the important historical traditions of...

Mirna Martinez Santiago, Esq. | President and CEO | Girls Rule the Law, Inc.

Mirna Martinez Santiago has more than 25 years of legal experience, handling a range of matters, but is now focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Employment Law. In...

Munir Khalifa | Owner & CEO | MixJet Flight Support

Leaders should believe that hard work is the foundation of success because it can lead to improved results, personal growth, increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, career advancement, and more...

Toni L. Richins | Founder & CEO | ConsortHR

Toni L. Richins, Founder & CEO of ConsortHR, has a passion for helping others. She believes helping others is not limited to providing food, shelter, and so forth but includes...


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