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Kyle Molotkin | President & CEO | Informanix Technology Group

Kyle Molotkin

President & CEO

" We often spend several months recovering and several years afterwards rebuilding a more resilient infrastructure – with a bold mission of ‘never again’ from senior leadership. "

Averting Disasters with Confidence

For Kyle Molotkin, the proudest moment as the CEO of Informanix Technology is when the people who have chosen to work with him see meaningful progress in their own lives. A staff member who gets a promotion and moves their family into a bigger house – or their first house – it’s all very rewarding for Kyle. “I think developing people is the greatest achievement you can have in business. Because people are your assets and they can take you towards success,” he elucidates. “I am constantly pushing my team to achieve more, from brainstorming ideas, pushing boundaries, and trying something brand new. I love to continue to build on ideas and have a laser focus for continuous improvement.”

Due to Kyle’s quality to help those around him, he has become a support system for the budding entrepreneurs trying hard to establish themselves. As Informanix Technology moves to a higher level, Kyle has started working with budding entrepreneurs through mentorship, advisory, and direct private equity investments into their firms. “I really enjoy imparting years of hard lessons learned, and sharing the finer points of the sales and business development game I’ve gained after 100s of negotiations and prospect interactions,” he says. “I continuously advise them to embrace mistakes. Everyone makes them. People will continue to make them.

I’ve worked hard to establish a culture where people feel comfortable owning their mistakes and learning from them.”

An avid private pilot, Kyle has been flying successfully throughout North America. This has taught him discipline, to anticipate the future and also think big. He guides his team and those around him with a simple mantra, “My own musings on profit – profit isn’t a goal it’s a result. If your sole pursuit and focus is on profit you will struggle to make any. Instead, focus on a quality product, outstanding client experience, and a rewarding work culture. If you do those things well, the result will be…. Profit!”

Armed with this mindset, Kyle has been taking Informanix Technology to new heights. Since 2013, Informanix Technology has been at the forefront of the technology business and now stands as a market leader in Western Canada. They believe every company deserves the same dedicated, comprehensive, high-quality IT support normally given to enterprise-level clients. “All our tools are cloud delivered Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. It empowers our staff to be productive wherever they are, and it enabled us to start Informanix from day 1 as a work from home – results only work environment,” explains Kyle.

Informanix Technology delivers large scale, highly technical infrastructure and security projects to larger businesses. However, they have not left behind the small and medium businesses (SMBs). They scale down the enterprise IT concepts it delivers to big companies and offers Informanix Complete to SMBs helping them secure their businesses, budget operating expenses predictably, increase efficiencies, and capitalize on opportunities by providing best-in-class technology risk mitigation, business continuity frameworks, and security. All their services, tools and processes meet or exceed current industry standards, giving businesses peace of mind.

Lately, one of the more exciting types of engagements Kyle and his team have been addressing is the day 1 cyber-attack response. For example, a new client gets in touch with Informanix Technology and has had their business completely crippled by ransomware. All IT systems were offline, front offices shuttered, and factory floors at a standstill. It’s a worse nightmare situation for in-house IT staff, and senior executives are paralyzed, unsure of what to do next. This is where Informanix has been fortunate enough to be trusted to help when an organization is at its lowest. “Our team of senior IT architects and cyber security experts gets to work immediately, assessing and containing the situation,” says Kyle. “We often spend several months recovering and several years afterwards rebuilding a more resilient infrastructure – with a bold mission of ‘never again’ from senior leadership.”

Whether a company needs help restoring its backups, or – in the worst-case scenario – rebuilding key infrastructure from scratch, Informanix offers full recovery support. Post-recovery, Informanix Technology architects work with the clients to assess the full extent and impact of the event, identify the next steps, and outline a program to harden your information security environment against similar risks in the future. The team also works with insurance underwriters serving clients working on getting compromised information infrastructure back online. Kyle and his team take pride in their emergency response times. “The moment you call, we mobilize a response team of highly technical specialists to your site to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.”

According to the pioneering leader, his focus on the customer and finding a solution for them is one of their greatest achievements. “Too many business leaders obsess over obscure details, endless reports, and mundane spreadsheets. I focus on what the customer ‘really wants’ and less on ridged adherence to process,” he asserts. “As an entrepreneur, you need to be agile and respond quickly to changing market trends. Simply following ‘what always works’ is a great way to have your customers’ needs pass you by. My leadership has made Informanix one of the most client responsive firms in our market. We make it easy for our clients to do business with us, with mutual trust and respect at the center of our relationship, not endless contract amendments and change orders.”

For the days to come, Informanix Technology will continue to be at the very forefront of the industries. Kyle will be looking into ensuring the staff remains the best in the business and trained in the next set of important technologies and concepts to help their client position themselves for success as they go deeper into the 2020s.

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