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Asia’s largest business show returns in 2024, at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre on August 28th & 29th. The Business Show Singapore aids SMEs and startups, focusing on innovation and adaptation to revive Asia’s business landscape. With 250 exhibitors, 150 seminars, and masterclasses, it equips entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and services, fostering growth and success. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and connect with industry leaders for business development.

Event Link:

Event Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center

Ticket Price: FREE

Reimagine The Future Of Computer Graphics At SIGGRAPH 2024, the Premier Conference & Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques. For over 50 years, the SIGGRAPH conference has been a home to a global community of innovators whose creativity and imaginative spirit are the catalysts for advancement and change in the industry. We’re preparing a venue, both in Denver and online, for you to play a part in building a more desirable future through computer graphics excellence.

Are you bored with your current career venture? Are you thinking about going it alone but don’t know where to start? The Business Show LA will give you everything you need to start your dream business. If you are already a small business or startup owner you will be given all the tips, tricks, and resources to grow your business to new and exciting heights. Taking place on the 9th & 10th of October 2024 at the LA Convention Center, this is the place to be for aspiring entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals.

With inspiring keynotes, enriching seminars, interactive masterclasses, live panel debates, and limitless networking opportunities, you won’t find these resources anywhere else. Our seminars are presented by a host of industry experts all under one roof to give you the tricks of the trade. Our packed programme ensures that every business professional will come away having gained new products, resources, knowledge, or connections. Also, with 300 cutting-edge exhibitors under one roof spanning a vast variety of sectors, everyone and anyone in the world of business will find something that captures their interest.

Additionally, your free ticket gives you access to the co-located show, B2B Marketing Expo US in conjunction with Sales Innovation Expo. The event offers a world class event agenda covering how marketing and sales professionals can advance their businesses and own personal careers.

The Business Show LA will fast-track your journey to success and grow your business to new and exciting heights. So what are you waiting for? To register for your FREE ticket, simply head over to The Business Show.


Are you looking to start a business or grow your existing business? The Business Show has spent over 23 years changing the lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe. The event has welcomed over 1.2 million attendees through its doors and is back to help you and your business thrive.

The 50th edition of the show will reveal the secrets of business adaptation, innovation and survival in the business world through finding and purchasing the products and services that your business needs to take you to the next level. There will be past keynotes from previous years invited to educate and inspire you, an exclusive exhibitor awards evening on the 13th, and a £50k business startup package up for grabs for those who apply online. A few will be selected and invited to the show to pitch their business idea to a panel of experts. The winner will receive the package of resources and products including £10k in cash. You won’t want to miss this!

Running alongside The Business Show this year we have Going Global Live and Retrain Expo offering everything you or your business needs to successfully adapt to the ever-changing industry advances. Retrain Expo helps you to re-skill and retrain for the future, whereas Going Global Live provides unparalleled education and information on trade agreements, international strategy, and cultural and economic differences, and connects you with business owners who are looking to invest abroad.

With over 750 exhibitors, 200 seminars from business experts and unmissable masterclasses covering everything from growing your business, cyber security, and developing your marketing skills, visitors will leave with all the resources needed to succeed in their industry.

So what are you waiting for? To register for your free ticket, simply head over to

Industrial Valve Summit is the leading international event for the Oil&Gas valve technologies and flow control solutions.

A real Information Hub, where you can keep up-to-date with market trends, meet the global key-players, the manufacturing excellence and look for the latest technology innovations.

Reasons for choosing IVS 2024:

  • Meet buyers and suppliers interested in purchasing or providing the best valve technologies and flow control solutions
  • Present your company, products and services to an exclusive and targeted professional audience
  • Strengthen your company business image by exhibiting alongside the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Get high-performance corporate visibility thanks to the IVS promotional activities

International JavaScript Conference in London

The International JavaScript   Conference in London is  a must-attend event  for JavaScript developers, engineers, and enthusiasts from April 8 – 11,  2024. It offers in-depth sessions, workshops, and discussions on  JavaScript frameworks, libraries, modern web development techniques, and  emerging trends. Attendees gain valuable insights and practical  knowledge to enhance their JavaScript skills and build robust,  innovative applications.

International PHP Conference in Berlin

The  International PHP Conference   in   Berlin is a premier    gathering for  PHP  developers,  software architects,  and professionals  involved in web  development scheduled from May 27 – 31, 2024. It covers a wide array of  PHP-related  topics, including best practices, performance optimization,  security,  frameworks, and  the latest advancements in PHP  technology.  Attendees can    expect deep dives  into PHP-centric  sessions, workshops, and case studies.

JAX in Mainz

JAX in Mainz is a comprehensive conference focusing on Java,  architecture, and  software innovation, scheduled from April 22 – 26,  2024. It gathers Java developers, architects, and IT  professionals to  explore  cutting-edge developments in the Java ecosystem, including  updates on  frameworks, tools, performance optimization, and scalable  architectures. The  event includes workshops, lectures, and discussions facilitated by industry leaders.

DevOpsCon in Singapore

DevOpsCon in Singapore,  scheduled from May 20 – 23, 2024, is an  extension  of  the renowned  DevOpsCon   series,  providing a   platform for  DevOps practitioners, engineers, and  experts in the Asia-Pacific region.  The conference features discussions, case studies, and workshops  addressing the latest trends, tools, and methodologies in DevOps, cloud-native technologies, automation, and cultural transformations.

International JavaScript Conference in Singapore

The International JavaScript Conference in Singapore is a gathering of JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, and tech professionals from May  20 –23, 2024. Attendees can expect sessions, workshops, and presentations covering advanced JavaScript topics, frameworks, modern web development techniques, and practical applications in the ever-evolving JavaScript ecosystem.


Oil & Gas Automation and Technology Week

Market uncertainty, price volatility, shifting demand, talent shortages, and an ever-increasing responsibility to address sustainability and net zero goals has created a dynamic landscape for operators.

While the value of digital tools to streamline processes, connect workforces, save costs and future-proof organizations is clear, adopting new technology on a wide scale at a fast pace can lead to costly mistakes without guidance.

Join us for a collaborative and unique forum on 13 -14 February 2024 in Houston, TX, with unique insights and case studies from industry leaders and solution providers.

Case Studies from Oil & Gas Digitalization Experts Include:

Brent Railey, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Mathew Sudeesh, Digital Transformation & Innovation Lead, Covestro
Erjola Buzi, Sensors Technology Manager, Dow
Partha Chatterjee, Data & Analytics SME, Shell
Lance Medlin, Chief Operating Officer, Element Fuels
Bryan Kaus, Manager – Business Development, Renewables Platform, Neste

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2024 LCA, Recycling, Circular Design & Sustainable Sourcing for EV Batteries & Carbon Neutral Vehicles Congress

The 8th event in the Global LCA for Automotive Series comes to Detroit in January covering recycling, circular design and sustainable sourcing.

Designed to assist automotive OEMs and the supply chain achieve their decarbonization and sustainability targets, this Congress will provide a one of a kind opportunity to find out how the very latest innovations and strategies in the industry are being deployed.    

Speakers including Sustainability, LCA, Product Design, Engineering and EV Battery Manufacturing experts from companies including Toyota North America, Canoo, PACCAR, JLR, Volvo Trucks, Ford and across the supply chain, this is a must-attend automotive sustainability Congress to start 2024.

Find out more:

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Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

The free-to-attend Space Tech Expo Europe exhibition and conferences is Europe’s premier meeting place for space business, technology and innovation. The three-day event will showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through the systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space.

Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

Bremen, Germany, 14-16 November


12th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance & Enforcement November 7-8, 2023 | Washington Marriott Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Back by popular demand! Join U.S. imports/customs controls experts and supply chain professionals at ACI’s Advanced Forum on Import Compliance and Enforcement, taking place November 7–8, 2023, in Washington, D.C.

Connect with an established community of global import compliance, customs, and supply chain experts and absorb key takeaways from sessions covering highly complicated, evolving US import controls. Whether it’s dealing with UFLPA detentions, incoterms ambiguity, government procurement qualifications, or False Claims Act pitfalls, we’ve got you covered!

Hear from government speakers like Brian Hoxie (Director, Forced Labor Division, Office of Trade at U.S. Customs and Border Protection), Vinny Annunziato (Director Business Transformation & Innovation at U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and Alexandra Whittaker (Democratic Chief Trade Counsel at U.S. House of Representatives).

This 2-day, in-depth strategic conference is the only comprehensive, practical event of its kind that covers U.S. and international regulatory changes impacting imports and customs compliance strategy. To learn more visit

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Phone: 1-888-224-2480

API Conference Berlin

Join us at the API Conference Berlin, happening from October 16 – 18, 2023, for three days of deep dives into the world of API development. Industry experts will share their insights on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in API design, management, and security. Discover how APIs are transforming businesses and driving innovation across industries. Network with fellow developers, architects, and tech enthusiasts, and expand your knowledge and skills in the vibrant tech scene of Berlin. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the API game. Reserve your spot now!

Date: October 16 – 18, 2023

Venue: Venue: Berlin, Maritim ProArte Hotel Berlin or online

Serverless Conference Berlin

Experience the future of cloud computing at the Serverless Conference Berlin, taking place from October 16 – 18, 2023. Discover how serverless architecture is revolutionizing application development and deployment. Learn from top experts about the benefits, challenges, and real-world use cases of serverless computing. Dive deep into topics like event-driven architectures, function as a service (FaaS), and cloud-native development. Connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and explore cutting-edge tools and technologies. Whether you’re a developer, architect, or technology enthusiast, this conference is your gateway to the exciting world of serverless. Secure your place now!

Date: October 16 – 18, 2023

Venue: Berlin, Maritim ProArte Hotel Berlin or online

MLCon New York

MLCon New York is the premier conference for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science enthusiasts. Join us from September 25 – 28, 2023, and discover the latest advancements, techniques, and applications in the fast-paced world of ML. Learn from industry leaders and experts as they share their knowledge and insights. Explore topics such as deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. Connect with fellow professionals, researchers, and practitioners, and expand your network in the thriving ML community. Whether you’re a seasoned ML practitioner or just starting your ML journey, MLCon New York is the place to be.

Date: September 25 – 28, 2023
Venue: New York, New York Marriot At The Brooklyn Bridge

JAX Software Architecture New York

Join the JAX Software Architecture conference in New York from September 25 – 28, 2023, and explore the world of software architecture like never before. Dive into a variety of topics including microservices, cloud-native architecture, event-driven systems, and domain-driven design. Learn from renowned architects and industry experts as they share their experiences, insights, and best practices. Engage in lively discussions, gain practical knowledge, and network with fellow architects and developers. Whether you’re a seasoned architect or aspiring to be one, JAX Software Architecture New York is your platform to shape the future of software systems.

Date: September 25 – 28, 2023
New York, New York Marriot At The Brooklyn Bridge

DevOpsCon New York

DevOpsCon New York brings together the brightest minds in the DevOps community from September 25 – 28, 2023, to explore the latest practices, tools, and methodologies. Join industry experts and practitioners as they delve into topics such as continuous integration and delivery, containerization, infrastructure automation, and site reliability engineering. Gain valuable insights, learn from real-world case studies, and discover innovative approaches to streamline software delivery and operations. Connect with fellow DevOps enthusiasts, share experiences, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving DevOps landscape. Whether you’re an experienced DevOps engineer or just starting your DevOps journey, DevOpsCon New York is your gateway to excellence.

Date: September 25 – 28, 2023
Venue: New York, New York Marriot At The Brooklyn Bridge

International JavaScript Conference NYC 2023

Gear up for an immersive experience at the iJS Conference in New York, happening from September 25 – 28, 2023, where JavaScript, web, and frontend development take center stage. Explore the latest trends, frameworks, and tools in the world of web development. Delve into topics such as progressive web apps, single-page applications, performance optimization, and responsive design. Learn from industry experts as they share their expertise and insights. Engage in hands-on workshops, network with like-minded professionals, and gain practical skills to take your web development projects to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a passionate beginner, iJS Conference New York has something for everyone.

Date: September 25 – 28, 2023
Venue: New York, New York Marriot At The Brooklyn Bridge

9th World Congress on Spine and Spinal Disorders - Spine 2024

The 9th World Congress on Spine and Spinal Disorders – Spine 2024 is a highly anticipated event that brings together experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of spine care. This international congress offers a unique platform to explore the latest advancements, exchange knowledge, and foster collaboration among professionals from around the world. With its engaging program and diverse range of topics, Spine 2024 promises to be an enlightening and inspiring experience. The Spine 2024 theme “Advancing Spine Care: Innovations, Insights, and Collaborations” encapsulates the dynamic and progressive nature of the event. This theme emphasizes the need for continuous advancements in spinal healthcare, ranging from groundbreaking innovations to transformative insights. By fostering collaborations among medical professionals, researchers, and industry leaders, the congress aims to drive significant progress in the field. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, emerging therapies, and multidisciplinary approaches, this theme sets the stage for a platform that promotes excellence, and knowledge exchange, and ultimately improves patient outcomes in spine care.

ACI’s 5th Conference on U.S.-China Trade Controls

As the only comprehensive, practical event of its kind in the Unites States, ACI is hosting the highly anticipated 5th Annual U.S.-China Trade Controls Conference, scheduled for October 12–13 in Washington, DC. Considering increasing geopolitical risks and intensifying strategic advanced computing competition with China, the U.S. government continues to ramp up enforcement efforts of China export controls and economic sanctions in unprecedented ways. Greater interagency coordination is also expected, which may result in more previously unseen compliance risk. This year’s co-chairs include Elizabeth Cannon (Senior Corporate Counsel, Global Trade, Microsoft) and hon. Nazak Nikakhtar (Partner, Wiley Rein LLP). With so much at stake, don’t miss out on invaluable, strategic guidance for updating your compliance programs and mitigating heightened enforcement risks. To learn more visit

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October 12-13, 2023 | The Madison Hotel, Washington

Phone: 1-888-224-2480

Women in Tech Boston

Join Women in Tech Boston this October to explore the most essential technologies in today’s rapidly changing world and learn about the new revolutionary concepts that are radically changing our future in The New Frontier! Celebrate the power of diversity with 1000+ leading women in tech and diversity champions, from global leaders to disruptive startups, to shine a spotlight on the technology, people, and businesses that are driving change.

Date and Venue: October 2 – 3 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel

FinTech Connect 2023

Join us at FinTech Connect, now in its monumental 10th year, as we bring together the entire fintech ecosystem for an extraordinary in-person event in London.

Immerse yourself in two exhilarating days filled to the brim with valuable insights and exclusive opportunities to meet the world’s foremost leaders in digital transformations, payments, web3, and regtech. These global luminaries are the driving force propelling the financial technology industry forward, and they will all be assembled under one roof, waiting to connect with you.

Dates: December 06 – 07, 2023

Location: ExCeL London

Agenda download

Pricing page

Elite Summit 2023

The Leading Private Wealth Management Forum

The Elite Summit is an invitation-only, premium forum bringing together the leading family office investors with the most renowned investment solution providers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of the latest strategies for best practices in private wealth management. The Elite Summit provides a platform that helps Europe’s leading family office and private wealth management executives evaluate and partner with relevant service providers, while we connect innovative asset management companies with these chief investment strategists.

1st Annual Women in AML & Sanctions Forum

The 1st Annual ACI’s Women in AML and Economic Sanctions provides an opportunity to learn and engage with legal and compliance professionals during 1 ½ days of valuable discussion.

Hear from government speakers such as Andrea Gacki (Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control U.S. Department of the Treasury), and Elizabeth Rosenberg (Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury), Felicia Swindells (Associate Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network),and Bethany Davies (Deputy Director, HM Treasury).

This new conference will provide a forum for women in AML and Sanctions to network, learn and engage to discuss the substantive developments, challenges and opportunities facing women in their respective industries as well as provide them with the business contacts and communication and leadership skills necessary for continued success and career advancement.

Attend the Women in AML & Sanctions conference on September 28-29, 2023, at the DC Bar Association in Washington, DC. To learn more visit

Save 10% with the CEO Outlook promo code: D10-999-CEO24

Dates & Venues: September 28-29, 2023 | DC Bar Association, Washington, DC



Phone: 1-888-224-2480

Business Conference Facilitation

We are pleased to welcome you to the 3rd Annual Nurse Management & Perspectives on Nursing Leadership Conference, which will take place on the 9th-10th of November 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

The aim of the conference is to create an international platform to exchange knowledge on nurse management by bringing together expert speakers who explore ways to overcome current issues in the field. This is a great opportunity to meet others within the nurse management to network and learn about the latest information in the field straight from forward-thinking nurse leaders.

Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2023

Global Crypto Community Convenes at Dubai’s Blockchain Economy Summit, Uniting Industry Leaders for a Groundbreaking Event on October 4-5, 2023

Dubai, UAE – The Blockchain Economy Summit, recognized as the world’s largest blockchain conference network, is set to redefine the future of finance by bringing together key players and experts from the crypto industry. The highly anticipated 8th edition of the summit will take place over two days in Dubai on October 4-5, 2023, in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, attracting the world’s top crypto companies, blockchain entrepreneurs and AI innovators.

Solidifying its position as a premier event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, the Blockchain Economy Summit has achieved remarkable success with previous editions held in London and Istanbul earlier this year. These highly acclaimed summits have further established the event’s global reputation. Notably, OKX, the World’s second-largest crypto exchange, proudly serves as the Exclusive Title sponsor for all of Blockchain Economy’s 2023 Summits.

As Dubai rapidly emerges as a global crypto hub, the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will serve as the region’s premier gathering, representing the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI. With participants from over 85 countries, this prestigious event offers a comprehensive program focused on the future of financial technologies, providing extensive networking opportunities for attendees.

“We are thrilled to be back in Dubai, a city at the forefront of embracing blockchain technology,” said Servi Aman, General Manager of the Blockchain Economy Summit. “Dubai’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation perfectly align with our mission to shape the future of finance. This event will spark collaboration and exploration of groundbreaking ideas, driving the crypto industry forward.”

The Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will feature renowned speakers from various sectors of the tech industry. The first lineup of notable speakers joining the event this year includes:

  1. Martin Hanzl – Head of New Technologies at EY Law
  2. Lennix Lai – Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX
  3. Fred Sun – Head of Strategy at Tencent Cloud International
  4. Matthew Sigel – Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck
  5. Michaël van de Poppe – Crypto Investor, Technical Analyst and CEO of MN Trading
  6. Charles Cheng – Ph.D, Forbes China 60
  7. Sam Blatteis – CEO of The MENA Catalysts
  8. Alex Fazel – Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

These influential speakers, along with many others, will share their expertise and insights, contributing to the vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange at the summit.

The summit will delve into the latest developments and trends within the blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI space, featuring industry leaders, engaging panel discussions, and opportunities for growth and investment. With top crypto companies and tech entrepreneurs converging in Dubai, the event will serve as an unparalleled platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering strategic partnerships.

Dubai’s dynamic ecosystem, progressive regulatory framework, and thriving crypto community provide the ideal backdrop for the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit. The event aims to solidify Dubai’s position as a global leader in blockchain innovation and accelerate its journey towards becoming a prominent crypto hub.

For more information about the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit and to secure your participation, please visit the below links:



Discounted Hotel Booking:

Name: Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2023

Date: October 04-05, 2023

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center

Event Hashtag: #BESUMMIT

Contact address:


GSAS (Global Software Architecture Summit) is a 3-days summit which aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world as well as all those interested in building working software to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect.


Taking place in New Delhi, India, from 30 October – 04 November 2023 under the motto Moving the world towards 100% Renewable Energy, the ISES Solar World Congress will provide a forum for scientists and researchers, engineers, architects, government representatives and industry and business representatives to present and discuss their latest findings, developments and perspectives. SWC was in India in 1978 for the largest conference up to now and the International Solar Energy Society ISES is thrilled to come back to India this year. India has proven remarkable global leadership in solar energy development and pursues ambitious plans to further move towards a renewable future, impressively scaling up solar energy use. The SWC 23 will offer a dedicated program including plenary sessions, keynote addresses, technical oral and poster sessions, workshops, technical tours, special events for young researchers as well as social events and send participants home inspired and motivated to continue moving the world towards 100% renewable energy.

Dates & Venues: 30 Oct – 04 Nov 2023 in New Delhi, India

Sustainable Lightweight Materials

The Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) series of conferences from LBCG and American Business Conferences are the world’s leading conferences on automotive lightweighting. The conferences all aim to provide practical solutions on strategic, tactical and technical challenges, and over the years more than 10,000 automotive experts have taken away invaluable insight and formed business-critical connections. With the industry focus shifting to sustainability and carbon neutral vehicles, our conferences have taken this shift as well.

Future Upstream Automation Summit Summit

The Upstream Oil & Gas sector is evolving against a backdrop of market volatility, ongoing uncertainty, and a drive towards energy transition. Operators are relying on automation, disruptive technology, and digital tools  to reduce costs, enhance decision-making, optimize efficiency, and improve safety across exploration and production activities.

Join us for the Future Upstream Automation Summit to hear industry leaders share best practice strategies and exchange know-hows to adapt upstream digitalization initiatives, modernize exploration and production, and prepare workforces for the technology transition.

Automation, IIoT, Data-Science, AI, ML, Digital Twins and Emerging Digital Tools are proving invaluable and are enabling operators to digitally transform, optimizing assets and operations for a profitable and sustainable future. However, integrating technology at pace and scale is complex, resource and capital-intensive, and can disrupt traditional workflows.

As upstream operators learn how to overcome their rising digital transformation challenges, CEO Outlook Magazine will be hearing valuable insights from attendees and meeting expert speakers from leading oil & gas organizations to aid them in creating an effective upstream digitalization strategy.

Early confirmed speakers include:
–    Srimoyee Bhattacharya, Senior Data Scientist, Shell
–    Jarrett Lawrence, Enterprise Architect Site IT Services, ExxonMobil
–    Joshua Ellison, Lead Product Manager – Digital Twins, BP
–    Philippe Daroux, Operations Technology Product Line Manager, Chevron

Date: 26 September 2023

Location: Hyatt Regency Intercontinental Airport Hotel, Houston, TX

Website: Upstream-CEO

LCA & Circularity Solutions For Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023

Designed to assist European Automotive OEM’s and the supply chain achieve their decarbonization and sustainability targets, LCA & Circularity Solutions For Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023 provides genuine practical value for the sustainability community. Building on the outcomes of the previous 2 events in the series, the agenda will cover circularity innovation & new business models in practice – including repurposing factories to refresh vehicles & raise the value of components; examining easy-to-recycle substitutes for plastics that are cost-competitive & scalable; evaluating the most efficient recycling methodologies and understanding diverse perspectives on the way ahead for battery end of life strategies.


The world-leading AI & Big Data Expo will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion. Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within AI & Big Data. Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Data & Analytics, Virtual Assistants & Chatbots, this conference is not to be missed. 6 co-located events. 6,000+ attendees. 250+ speakers. 73% Director level +


Event : Event Date:   Event venue :
AI and Big Data Expo Europe 26th & 27th September 2023 RAI, Amsterdam
AI and Big Data Expo Global 30th November & 1st of December 2023 Olympia, London

MPC23 The Digital Commerce Event

Register today for MPC23! Then book your hotel room at the event group rate before August 2nd. Check back often to see updates on our  SpeakersSponsors, Partners, and Agenda details.

Dates : August 23-25, 2023

Venue: Westin Atlanta Perimeter North Atlanta, GA


Experience the best in computer graphics and interactive techniques at SIGGRAPH 2023 as they celebrate 50 years of SIGGRAPH conferences. The latest developments in animation, VFX, research, production, design, and more are just a click away. Register now to join them in Los Angeles for the conference and Job Fair (8-9 August) to connect with the top companies and creators in the industry.
Event : Event Date:   Event venue:
SIGGRAPH 2023 6 & 10 August 2023 Los Angeles, California

10th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

TransLogistica Poland is the leading in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe business event for entrepreneurs who use or seek transport and logistics services, as well as for everyone professionally associated with the industry.

It’s a place where shippers and cargo owners (producers, retail chains, distributors of all kind, etc.) have a chance to find comprehensive and highest quality logistics services for their goods.

Simultaneously, taking into account the presence of numerous decision-makers from transport companies (local and international carriers), the exhibition is the perfect place to showcase variety of telematics and fleet management solutions.

The Business Show

Europe’s largest business show is expanding into Los Angeles on the 20th & 21st of September 2023 at The LA Convention Centre, helping small businesses to start, grow, and develop. Providing you all the tips, tricks, and advice you need, the show gives you a free pass to a wealth of information that you can’t find anywhere else. There are 6 co-located shows including Going Global Live, Working From Home Live, Retrain Expo, The Sustainability Show, The Future Working Show, and The Franchise Zone. Each helps to tackle the growing demands of an evolving business world, covering every aspect of business innovation and evolution.
Event : Event Date :   Event venue:
UK: The Business Show 22 & 23 November 2023 ExCeL London
US: The Business Show 20th & 21st of September 2023 The LA Convention Centre, Los Angeles

IoT Tech Expo Global is arriving on 30 November – 1 December 2023. With 150+ speakers, 6,000+ attendees, our AI-powered matchmaking tool, and access to 5 co-located shows, this is not a conference to be missed!

Your ticket will also grant you access to the co-located events exploring Blockchain Expo World Series, AI & Big Data Expo, and Digital Transformation Week!

Book your tickets here:

#IoTTechExpo #IoT #data #InternetofThings #technologies #technologiesevent

Venue: Olympia, London

TestCon Europe is the biggest software testing conference in Europe for everyone willing to learn testing trends, and best practices and make their contribution to a smoother software development cycle and quality. The event features the hottest topics in the industry covering: Test Management, Testing Techniques and Methodologies, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Testing the Internet of Things (IoT), Testing Metrics, Agile Testing, Test Team Leadership, Soft Skills, and more.

Onsite & Online
Dates & Venues:
 Onsite Workshop | October 24 | Vilnius, Lithuania
                               Onsite & Online Conference | October 25-27 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Big Data Conference Europe 2023 is a four-day event that focuses on technical discussions in the areas of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. The conference comprises a series of workshops and sessions, aimed at bringing together developers, IT professionals, and users, to share their experience, discuss best practices, describe use cases and business applications related to their successes. The event is designed to educate, inform and inspire – organized by people who are passionate about Big Data and Data Exploration.

Format: Onsite & Online
Venues: Onsite Workshop | November 21 | Vilnius, Lithuania
                Onsite & Online Conference | November 22-24 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Event Website:

Build Stuff 2023 will attract software developers, team leads, and CTOs in a uniquely multifaceted setting, showcasing innovative technology as well as EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES.

With a diverse guest list of influential policymakers, software development companies, and high-end executives, Build Stuff is the ‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ for every company and developer in the software development field. This unique conference can help you attain or even surpass your goals, whatever they may be.

Event Website:

Discover advances in AI tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, academia and the healthcare sector. Learn from the experts in speech & text recognition, neural networks, image classification and machine learning.

The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing methods in AI and ML, and their impact across healthcare & medicine. Discover ML tools & techniques set to revolutionize healthcare applications, medicine & diagnostics from a global line-up of experts.

This is a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders, data scientists, founders, CTOs and healthcare professionals leading the AI revolution. Learn from & connect with 200+ innovators sharing best practices to deploy AI to solve challenges in healthcare.

Our events bring together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society. Our unique mix of academia and industry enables you to meet with AI pioneers at the forefront of research, as well as exploring real-world case studies to discover the business value of AI.


  • Receive access to all track sessions to optimize cross-industry learnings & collaboration
  • Solve shared problems with like-minded attendees during round table discussions, Q&As with speakers or schedule 1:1 meetings
  • Connect with attendees during and after the summit and build new collaborations through our interactive networking sessions
  • On-Demand Access: if you’re unable to attend in-person, you can register for virtual access to watch the presentations and panel discussions in your own time, on demand
  • Hear from Expert Speakers to discover the latest advancements and trends of AI in Healthcare

To register, visit Use discount code: ITI20 for 20% off your pass.

Magnus group cordially invites everyone to attend its Hybrid Event “2nd Edition of International Conference on Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering”– Hybrid Event which is slated during October 26-28, 2023.

This Hybrid event allows you to participate as in-person in Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

The conference will run on its original theme “Advancing innovations to develop energy efficiency and sustainability” which will throw light on the recent trends and innovations in the field. This conference will congregate experts from industry and academia.

Over the past few decades, the oil and gas industry has made significant progress in terms of social responsibility, safety, and environmental preservation. However, there is still much more to be done. The major setbacks faced by the oil and gas industry are in terms of reducing costs, optimizing the performance of its industrial base assets, and enhancing its environmental footprint due to the rising global demand, highly fluctuating pricing, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Quantum.Tech Boston returns in-person and you can meet the global quantum community all together under one roof at Marriott Copley Place on April 24 – 26, 2023!

The event will anchor discussions about quantum technology and its increasing interest. You’ll hear about the commercialization of quantum technologies through real-life user case studies including hearing from quantum VIP Marco Pistoia, Managing Director, Distinguished Engineer, Head of Global Technology Applied Research, Head of Quantum Computing at JP Morgan Chase and Co.

Quantum.Tech will also be hosting a panel discussion with very influential names at US federal institutions such as Jalal Mapar, Michael Hayduck, John Burke and many more as they come together to discuss ‘Bringing Quantum Technologies to Fruition: A Coordinated Approach’

Sign up here today to network, debate and learn with 400+ attendees!

The world-leading AI & Big Data Expo will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion. Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within AI & Big Data. Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Data & Analytics, Virtual Assistants & Chatbots, this conference is not to be missed.
6 co-located events. 6,000+ attendees. 250+ speakers. 73% Director level +

Find out more and register here:

Digital Transformation has been a buzzword in IT circles for years, and it’s expected to play an even bigger role in enterprise planning in 2023. Big leaps in Cloud Computing, Analytics Architecture, Edge Computing, and AI now mean that Digital Transformation is not only viable, but it’s imperative. Post-Pandemic we have witnessed new and transformative technologies entering the workplace enabling businesses to innovate and thrive in an increasingly digital world therefore the ability to adapt is crucial.

Join us at Digital Transformation Week North America on 17-18 May 2023 to hear from industry-leading digital experts and discover key strategies for marking your digital efforts a success. Discover the critical technologies and approaches needed to make better and more informed business decisions, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and drive your organization’s digital culture.

This event is part of TechEx North America, which covers IoT, AI & Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber Security & Cloud, and Edge Computing, so you can learn a variety of key enterprise technology solutions all in one place, under one roof.

The world-leading Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top-level content and discussion this September 26-27. Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within a diverse range of topics, tenants of CISO success, cloud security, risk & governance, cyber resilience, strategy & policy, as well as privacy & CCPA, trust & identity and much more, this conference is not to be missed.

6 co-located events | 6,000 attendees | 200 exhibitors | 150 speakers – 76% Director level.

Find out more and register here:

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