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Sebastian Oviedo | CEO | micampus Residencias

Sebastian Oviedo


" Thanks to all this, 2022 micampusresidencias was named the Best Student Housing Operator in Europe by The Class Foundation. "

Offering A Home Away from Home

Universities and colleges are under constant pressure to provide residential facilities that match the needs and expectations of modern students. However, with ever-changing student housing trends, building amenities that foster socialization, engagement, and academic excellence has proved hard to crack. But this already compelling list of challenges is further complicated by the emergence of COVID-19 in student housing and campuses worldwide. micampus is one of the largest student residence companies in Spain, with almost 7,000 bed spaces in operation, spread over 35 residences, and 10 residences under development, adding a further 2,500 beds to its portfolio in the next year. They have also started their expansion in Portugal, acquiring 4 residences with more than 800 beds.

Micampus is one of Europe’s three oldest student residence companies, with over two decades of experience in the sector originated in response to the growing need for student accommodation in universities, primarily in Seville, Malaga, and Valencia.

The name “micampus” reflects a sense of belonging, with “mi” translating to “my” in Spanish, emphasizing the desire for students to perceive the residence as their own home. They employ around 250 professionals responsible for safeguarding the well-being of the students. Micampus has a presence in 17Spanishprovinces (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Logroño, Burgos, Pamplona, Bilbao, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Santander, Oviedo and Lugo) and in 2 Portuguese cities (Porto and Covilhã), offering the student community modern accommodation solutions in the best locations.

The mission of MicampusResidencias is to be a key player in the Spanish university system, providing students not only with quality accommodation but also fostering an environment conducive to enhancing the personal, academic, and professional development of all our residents. They are working towards this mission by continually investing in improving their facilities, promoting a supportive community, and collaborating with academic institutions to create a holistic living experience. Through these efforts, the company aims to take itself to great heights by becoming a cornerstone in students’ educational journey, contributing significantly to their overall growth and success. Sebastian Oviedo is the CEO of Micampusresidencias who has transformed and enhanced the organization with determination and brilliance.

A Dynamic Leader

Through strategic decision-making, Sebastian has steered the company towards remarkable transformations and improved operational efficiency. With a focus on adaptability and forward-thinking, he has led the company through transformative changes, ensuring sustained success.

Sebastian believes great ideas can come from any level of the organization. Hence, he fosters an atmosphere of continuous learning and idea-sharing through regular meetings and innovation challenges, creating a space for creativity to flourish. “Our organization cultivates great ideas by promoting a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement,” he says. “We encourage creative thinking through ongoing professional development, empowering employees to explore new concepts, technologies, and solutions that can contribute to the company’s success.”

The pioneering leader draws inspiration from 3 main role models who have significantly shaped his leadership journey. Luis Pagani serves as a beacon of integrity and resilience, instilling in Sebastian a commitment to ethical practices and the ability to navigate challenges with unwavering determination. Juan Pepa’s visionary approach has influenced Sebastian’s leadership style, fostering strategic thinking and the foresight to drive the company toward success. Sebastian also draws profound inspiration from Felipe Morenes, admiring his exceptional humility and perseverance. Morenes’s commitment to staying humble while persevering through challenges has guided Sebastian’s leadership journey.

“Finding success for our company, which began more than 20 years ago, has been a journey marked by dedication and strategic efforts. While the timeline varies, the key has been consistent commitment to our goals,” explains Sebastian. “My advice is to prioritize resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. Embrace challenges as opportunities, learn from setbacks, and stay focused on your vision, allowing success to unfold over time.”

For Sebastian, embracing calculated risks is fundamental in navigating change challenges. The courage and perseverance displayed in his strategic decisions, marked by aggressive revenue initiatives and disciplined cost management, have been transformative. These measures have bolstered the company’s financial health but positioned the company for sustained growth and improved student lives.

Making Student Life Better

Students remember Micampusas an essential part of one of their lives’ most important and exciting stages. The student in the center: in line with the company’s mission, Sebastian and his team’s main objective is their residents’ academic and professional success. To this end, they create a healthy, community-based environment, which means they can reach their full potential and offer tools such as MicampusClub, study areas, sports facilities, etc.

Micampusprioritizes students’ holistic development by offering a range of facilities that cater to their personal, academic, and professional growth. “Our state-of-the-art campuses provide well-equipped study areas, and access to cutting-edge technology to enhance academic pursuits. Additionally, students benefit from recreational spaces, fitness centers, and sports facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle and foster social connections,” says Sebastian. “We also collaborate with industry partners to provide valuable professional opportunities. Our comprehensive approach aims to create an environment where students can thrive academically, personally, and professionally.”

Sebastian tries to improve their work every day, reinventing the company and refusing to be satisfied with simply knowing that things work, but instead trying to anticipate what will work tomorrow and striving to convey this passion for improvement to our residents. Micampusis founded on integrity, trust and camaraderie. “We keep our promises and try to do the right thing for our employees, partners, and, of course, our residents,” adds Sebastian. “The world advances at the pace of technological change. At Micampus, we know this and try to use technology to support our work as we believe that the combination of technology, sustainability, and a robust approach will help us offer the best experience to our clients.” The desire to grow keeps the company alive and enables them to bring added value to the market. “Growing means taking on new challenges, falling, and getting back up to later look back and see you have achieved more than you expected. We have this value for ourselves, and the residents learn from our example,” states Sebastian.

Micampusis firmly committed to society and the environment, which is why it has set some ambitious ESG targets for the next few years. With these targets, they hope to raise awareness among its residents, encouraging them to always do a little more for others. Thanks to all this, 2022 micampusresidencias was named the Best Student Housing Operator in Europe by The Class Foundation.

Towards the Future

A notable case study involving the impactful benefits the students have experienced through Micampus Club is a service offering a diverse range of advantages. The students have enjoyed access to online medical assistance, personalized nutritional plans, tailored monitoring, virtual training sessions, language classes, exclusive discounts, and exciting giveaways. This comprehensive suite of services enhances the residents’ overall well-being and contributes significantly to creating a vibrant and supportive community within MicampusResidencias, enriching their overall living experience.

One of the company’s most significant achievements is being recognized as the best student housing operator in Europe by The Class Foundation. This prestigious acknowledgment reflects their commitment to innovation, excellence, and creating an exceptional student living experience. It validates their efforts and positions MicampusResidencias as a trailblazer in the field.

Micampusis committed to technological excellence, incorporating innovations like WiFi 6G for fast and reliable connectivity across their campuses. Their cutting-edge approach extends to smart rooms equipped with automatic controls for energy conservation, providing students with an efficient and sustainable living environment. These technological enhancements not only facilitate seamless academic activities but also contribute to a more convenient and eco-friendlier lifestyle, enhancing the overall experience for the students.

Micampus is dedicated to a sustainable energy policy that aligns with their commitment to society and the environment. The companyprioritizes energy efficiency through the implementation of smart technologies, such as automatic controls in rooms, to minimize energy consumption. Their efforts extend to renewable energy sources, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint. Additionally, Micampus actively engages in community initiatives and partnerships that promote environmental awareness and social responsibility. Micampus is proud to contribute to a greener future while fostering a sense of responsibility and care for both society and the environment.

“We have exciting plans on the horizon that will greatly benefit our community. We are starting our expansion into Portugal, acquiring four new residences to enhance our offerings and cater to a broader audience,” says Sebastian. “Additionally, our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is evident in our ambitious decarbonization plan, aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint by 2040. These initiatives underscore our dedication to community growth, environmental stewardship, and delivering long-term value to our residents and stakeholders.”

Micampus envisions continuous improvement to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Future developments include further technological integrations for increased convenience, such as advanced security systems and personalized services. Micampusis committed to expanding their network of sustainable campuses, incorporating eco-friendly practices, and exploring innovative solutions to address evolving student needs. “Our goal is to create a thriving and interconnected community where residents experience a seamless blend of comfort, safety, technology, and sustainability, making Micampus the preferred choice for students seeking an enriching living experience,” concludes Sebastian.

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