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Why is selling the brand internally as important as the external world?

When devising marketing campaigns for a brand, the primary focus usually lies on engaging the external target audience to boost sales and foster brand loyalty through impactful assets and experiences. However, for a brand to truly thrive, it is crucial that employees within the organisation also deeply connect with the...

Using Core Values to Impact Your Bottom Line

Sticking to your core values as a leader is vital for retention of engaged, high performing employees...

Gender parity is still out of reach: How can we disrupt gender and cultural biases?

Women are as equally qualified for leadership positions as their male counterparts; however, we are not receiving these positions in the same manner that men are. Women are identical from men on key leadership traits, such as the capacity for innovation and intelligence. Some individuals believe that women make stronger...

The Importance of Creating Culture in the Workplace

Without a doubt, family is everything to me. I grew up in the Philippines where everything revolved around family. No matter what was going on in life, family always came first. I moved to the United States when I was 11, but that sense of commitment and community remained with...

Business Leadership Master Roles

Knowing how to lead in a given situation and time frame is the defining factor for adaptable and capable modern business leaders...

4 things leaders need to advance their teams

When I launched The Jinks Perspective as a coaching company, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to help leaders and their teams achieve 3 things to help advance their personal and organizational missions: Clarity, simplicity, and alignment. As I have coached thousands of leaders over the past two...

Awareness, Clarity, and Alignment before Actions leading to Results.

Whenever my kids were facing a challenge, be it a school exam or a competition, we’d send them off with our favorite line from the movie An American Tail, about Fievel the mouse. “Release the secret weapon” we’d bellow (best said with a lazy “R”). In this animated show...

9 CEO Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Being a leader is the perfect way to ensure that you face your own imperfections on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Being the top leader is utterly thankless. If things go well, people assume you are lucky. If things are go poorly, it’s all your...

Are You Creating a Culture of Burnout or High Performance?

When you have a team looking to you for guidance and inspiration, there’s something very important you need to keep in mind, and that is that your emotions are contagious. “Fake it ‘til you make it” isn’t going to cut it, and how you genuinely feel on an everyday basis...

Driving Accelerated Results in an Increasingly Competitive Environment

According to a recent study1) of global CEOs by The Conference Board there are 3 themes that constantly rise to the top of their concerns in order: Recession Risk, More intense competition, Tight labor market...

Digital Revolution 2.0 – Productivity

Growth is the mandate for business leaders during the coming decade. For the past 30 years, efficiency — cuts, control, and caution — was the path to financial gains. Cutting the way to growth is, and never was, viable in the long term. In the coming ten years, that approach...

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