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Edward P Brady | President/ CEO | HBI

Edward P Brady

President/ CEO

" I came to HBI to make an impact on the industry. At the core of our mission are the students we train. Above all, their success is what I’m most passionate about. "

Reviving the Construction Industry

Entrepreneurs are defined by their ability to  attack problems with unique and creative solutions.. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, leaders of all kinds of enterprises build teams where innovation, even disruption, is rewarded. EdBrady, President & CEO of the Home Builders Institute (HBI), thinks like a start-up entrepreneur. He leads an organization that possesses a proud five-decade history by not only asking, “How do we improve on what we already do well?” but also, “What must we create entirely new that will take us into an even stronger future?”

Edis known by his colleagues for his flexibility and adaptability. By embracing change and remaining  open to thelatest ideas, he has  created a agile and responsive organization. He is willing to take risks, try new things andstay ahead of the curve. A deep passion drives him. And by fostering a sense of purpose within his team, Edhas created a  engaged workforcewhich is laser-focused on serving the students HBI trains—  and supporting the residential construction industry where its graduates ply their skills.. He has created a more innovative, agile, and focused organization better equipped to succeed in today’s  workforce development sector.

Ed possesses a  valuable combination of leadership qualities: fearless innovator, solid partner and tireless advocate. Those three things come together in every initiative he has led..

A Pioneering Leader

As a second-generation home builder from Bloomington, Illinois, Ed learned carpentry from a union master carpenter in college. When he  started building houses in 1988, he knew right a way  this was his passion.Ever since, he has  dedicated his professional life to  the housing industry whether when building homes in the  family businessor serving 15 years as an independent director of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and as 2016 Chair of the National Association of Home Builders.

Ed says, “I have dedicated much of my life to making lasting and meaningful contributions to the housing industry and want to continue to make an impact by helping to grow the next generation of the building industry. I came to HBI to make an impact on the industry. At the core of our mission are the students we train. More than anything else, their success is what I’m most passionate about.  The institute trains diverse populations, including veterans, transitioning military, high school students, justice-involved youth and adults, and displaced and upskilled adults for careers in the building industry. I travel all over the country to our programs, meeting these students and hearing their story and how HBI has changed their lives, and the lives of their family.They can now get a good paying job and afford a car, a house, groceries, and have the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their family. This is the American dream.”

Building A Brilliant Institute

As with many other business sectors, the nature of the construction labor market  is experiencing tectonic changes. How people work, what work they’re willing to do, how they wish to be compensated and recognized — all these factors present challenges to how HBI recruits new learners and promotes careers in construction. The organization is reaching out broadly to diverse populations through various channels to challenge preconceived notions about the nature of the skilled trades. It can often seem like an uphill battle because those misperceptions are deeply ingrained in American society. The good news is the workforce itself is reexamining the nature of education, careers, and the workplace. That works in HBI’s favor because emerging workers understand opportunities in a whole new way.

HBI’s Pre-Apprentice Certificate Training (PACT) curriculum is designed to provide learners with essential skills vital for careers in construction. Upon completion, graduates receive a certification in up to nine construction trade specialties. The certification is recognized and validated by the nation’s building industry. PACT has been selected by numerous state education systems and  is one of only three, construction curriculums approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The shortage of affordable rental and for-sale homes is challenging for every state. The U.S. faces a shortfall of 1.5 million homes, which, as a matter of supply and demand, forces rents and house prices higher nationwide. Economists and housing professionals cite the skilled labor gap as a significant contributor to the scarcity of affordable homes. HBI is committed to the creation of a new generation of skilled trade workers who will be the ones who build tomorrow’s homes.

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

In a world where career paths are as diverse as they’ve ever been, choosing the right one is  a daunting task for students. The pressure to make a decision that will shape their future can be overwhelming. One option that often gets overlooked but holds tremendous promise is opting for a free construction trades training program.

The construction industry is experiencing a significant shortage of skilled workers. The demand for qualified tradespeople is high and will continue for years to come. There is a constant need , for individuals who can build, repair, and maintain homes, offices, and infrastructure. By enrolling in a free construction trades training program, students position themselves to enter a field with ample job opportunities and a strong job market.

Traditional academic paths are only for some. Many students thrive in a hands-on learning environment. The  construction trades are perfect for  providing that opportunity. that. For those who prefer practical, applied learning, a construction training program is an excellent fit.

The timeline from enrolling in a construction trades program to entering the workforce is relatively short. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills needed for entry-level positions quickly. While many traditional academic degrees take years to complete, students in construction trades programs can often start their careers in a matter of months.

While many choose to work for established construction companies, the skills acquired in a construction training program also can  open the door to entrepreneurship. In arelative short time, former students will frequently  start their own businessesas  contractors and sub-contractors in the field..

The construction trades offer multiple career paths, from carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical and several more.  . Students can explore these different options within HBI  programs, allowing them to find the niche that suits their interests and strengths the most.

The pay is great, with compensation averages scoring well above many other business segments. But a career in the construction trades is not only financially rewarding. Craftspeople gaina profound sense of fulfillment by serving society through their building of homes for others. Construction workersdraw deep satisfaction from seeing their efforts become reality in the community.  HBI students  build their careers, change their livesand help others  the American dream of securing safe, decent and affordable places to live.

Home builders are looking for smart, hard-working, and ambitious team members. The combination of HBI’s training centers, cutting edge programs, and award-winning curriculum combine to promote private sector employment opportunities for an emerging workforce. “That’s our North Star. Serving our students and making a positive difference in their  lives is our goal and mission,” says  Ed.

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