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Toni L. Richins | Founder & CEO | ConsortHR

Toni L. Richins, Founder & CEO of ConsortHR, has a passion for helping others. She believes helping others is not limited to providing food, shelter, and so forth but includes relieving the primary causes of suffering and offering the basic reasons for happiness. This is at the root of everything she does. You can see it in her vision for ConsortHR, which is founded on helping less-equipped companies have access to strategic services that can allow their businesses to flourish and maintain success. She listens closely to ideas and transforms them into unique solutions.

Munir Khalifa | Owner & CEO | MixJet Flight Support

Leaders should believe that hard work is the foundation of success because it can lead to improved results, personal growth, increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, career advancement, and more tremendous success. Hard work can help people develop character, motivate themselves, overcome hardships, and achieve their goals.

Mirna Martinez Santiago, Esq. | President and CEO | Girls Rule the Law, Inc.

Mirna Martinez Santiago has more than 25 years of legal experience, handling a range of matters, but is now focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Employment Law. In 2018, Mirna founded Girls Rule the Law, Inc. ( to introduce underprivileged and underrepresented middle and high school girls to the law and allow them to interact with mentors in the legal, judiciary, and legislative fields.

Mark Hollingsworth | CEO | The Nutrition Society

Under Mark Hollingsworth’s aegis as CEO of The Nutrition Society, the Society has witnessed itself getting transformed into a more contemporary strategically-focused organization while maintaining the important historical traditions of being a learned scientific society. Embedded into this has been a focus on developing transparency through a focus on strong ethical leadership.

Mark Goodway | CEO | The Matthew Tree Project

On a Sunday morning in the summer of 2010, Mark Goodway was on his way to the church when he stopped at the traffic lights and noticed an elderly homeless gentleman to his left lying on the pavement motionless. He was dressed in jacket, tie, and shirt. Admittedly, all had seen much better days, but Mark felt it was an admirable attempt to retain at least some degree of dignity in the face of such humiliation.

Kyle Molotkin | President & CEO | Informanix Technology Group

For Kyle Molotkin, the proudest moment as the CEO of Informanix Technology is when the people who have chosen to work with him see meaningful progress in their own lives. A staff member who gets a promotion and moves their family into a bigger house – or their first house – it’s all very rewarding for Kyle. “I think developing people is the greatest achievement you can have in business.

Fernando Murias | Chairman & CEO | Digital Global Systems

In today’s business environment, dynamic leadership has become a requirement for survival. The only thing constant now is change—and the pace of that change is accelerating at breakneck speeds.
Demographic shifts, cultural evolutions, and technological advancements have all contributed to workforce demands and business climates that require a new kind of leadership capable of creating dynamic cultures and businesses. Add to those demands the challenges of the past several years—a worldwide pandemic, increased remote work, a new normal, rapidly rising inflation, and an impending recession—and it is easy to understand why adopting a dynamic leadership model has become more critical than ever.

Edward P Brady | President/ CEO | HBI

Entrepreneurs are defined by their ability to attack problems with unique and creative solutions.. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, leaders of all kinds of enterprises build teams where innovation, even disruption, is rewarded. EdBrady, President & CEO of the Home Builders Institute (HBI), thinks like a start-up entrepreneur. He leads an organization that possesses a proud five-decade history by not only asking, “How do we improve on what we already do well?” but also, “What must we create entirely new that will take us into an even stronger future?”

Dr. Constance Jones | CEO | GOAL Academy

Dr. Constance Jones, Ph.D., joined GOAL Academy in 2018, bringing her over 35 years of public education experience. As a veteran educator and administrator, Dr. Jones now leads Colorado’s largest high school and alternative education campus as the CEO. During her tenure as the Superintendent of the Pueblo City School District 60, Dr. Jones implemented improvement strategies that prevented state intervention for the district and at many of the district’s low-performing schools.

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