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A Bold Leader | Venu Dhupa

The Westway Trust is a 23-acre estate in trust for the benefit of the community. Venu Dhupa is the leader who has brought a different vision to running this dual enterprise.

Dreaming Bigger | Sergio Martínez Campos

“First you learn, then you win, they say…”
Sergio Martínez Campos, CEO of Hispano Suiza, feels success is not overnight. It’s a continuous process of learning, winning, and then learning some more. Personally, Sergio is not one of those who are satisfied with the results from day to day, “when I reach a goal, I immediately set myself a new challenge that can make the team and the brand that we represent better,” he says. “But it is important to be grateful for the good things in life and enjoy the journey, even if sometimes the journey is not easy, that will make you appreciate the effort and passion with which I face things much more.”

Serving Customers with Brilliance | Ross Teague

Ross Teague, CEO of Nebula Global Services, is an incredible leader across all aspects of the business. He is always speaking with and listening to his customers and driving positive change for the company to meet the customers’ requirements.

Working towards Improvement & Progression | Mike Mason

Mike Mason has always been passionate and driven about running any business while having a clear objective. Mike has been creating the right environment and surrounding himself with industry specialists who share this passion, giving him the opportunity to learn and enhance himself.

Accept, Transform & Inspire | Julia Martin

Julia Martin has relentless energy and celebrates the benefits of her neurodiversity. She uses creative thinking and problem-solving to see the bigger picture and create smaller steps to realise those ambitions.

A Grounded Leader Piloting Hyper-Growth | Jason Howlett

For Jason Howlett, CEO of GivEnergy, being adaptable, listening to the customers, listening to key stakeholders, and listening to his team are not only necessary but essential. What does Jason then do with all that information? He combines the data to identify opportunities to take his company to newer heights.

An Impeccable Creator | Jamie Lundy

When you meet Jamie Lundy, CEO of Seven Layer, his charisma and passion for the product is evident. This energy is contagious, and his vision for the brand inspires others to adopt the same mentality.

Working for the Greater Good | Gary Osner

Gary Osner’s career in parking started in 1991 when he was asked by APCOA if he could collect unpaid Excess Charge Notices, then priced at £40, a challenge he took on and succeeded at by adding a commission to the value of the charge and collecting it from the motorist.

Supporting Businesses with Powerful Advocacy | David Duplisea

David Duplisea took the reins at the Saint John Board of Trade just about ten years ago. Previous boards of Directors had discussed the possibility of partnering with the region’s Chambers and business associations to create a single organization.

A Strategic Pioneering Leader | Brandon C. Lorey

Although the phrase is perhaps a bit overused, Brandon C. Lorey, President, and CEO of Bank of Clarke County, is an out-of-the-box thinker, especially for the banking world. His high-energy approach keeps people engaged, and he is constantly challenging his team to choose right over easy when identifying and fixing problems.

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