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APEX Ammunition Expands, Creating 64 New Jobs in Columbus

APEX Ammunition Expands, Creating 64 New Jobs in Columbus, Mississippi

July 20, 2023: APEX Ammunition LLC, a veteran-owned company based in Columbus, Mississippi, has exciting news. The company is expanding into a new manufacturing plant, thanks to a $4.45 million building rehabilitation project. This expansion will lead to the creation of 64 new jobs in the larger facility.

The Journey of APEX Ammunition:

In 2017, APEX Ammunition was born to provide waterfowl hunters with the absolute best-performing ammunition in the industry. Founded by Jared Lewis, Nick Charney, and Jason Lonsberry, the company quickly gained recognition for its dedication to enhancing the hunting experience for its passionate and growing customer base.

Mississippi’s Support and A New Beginning:

APEX Ammunition is proud to announce that the state of Mississippi has played a significant role in supporting its expansion and growth trajectory. The company’s President and CEO, Jason Lonsberry, expressed gratitude for the state’s partnership and highlighted that it had encouraged them to set up permanent roots in Mississippi. The new manufacturing facility will allow them to meet the surging demand for ammunition and create numerous job opportunities.

Mississippi Development Authority’s Assistance:

The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) has assisted APEX Ammunition with this expansion. Through the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive (MFLEX), the MDA provides essential building improvement support. Additionally, Lowndes County and the city of Columbus are joining forces to help with the project, further cementing their commitment to economic growth and development in the region.

Governor’s Praise for Homegrown Success:

Governor Tate Reeves expressed his pride in Mississippi’s firearms and ammunition industry. APEX Ammunition’s expansion is another example of a homegrown company attaining lasting success within the state. The Governor commended the entire APEX team for choosing to grow its operations at home and creating 64 fantastic new jobs in Lowndes County. With this development, Mississippi is hitting its target in terms of economic growth.

The Road Ahead:

The company’s focus is filling the newly created positions at the facility over the next few years. As APEX Ammunition moves into its larger facility, it is ready to significantly impact the industry by providing exceptional products and creating more opportunities for local communities.

APEX Ammunition’s expansion is a testament to its founders’ dedication and the Mississippi community’s support. With an eye on growth and a commitment to excellence, APEX is poised for a successful journey.

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