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Justin D. Hertzberg, Esq | CEO | FPFX Technologies, LLC

Justin D. Hertzberg, Esq


" Our mindset at FPFX Tech is to first succeed at building great technology solutions for prop firms. If we deliver on our promises to our clients, their businesses will thrive, and we will achieve financial success as a byproduct "

Pioneer of Unparalleled Technological Solutions

In the dynamic realm of financial markets, the barriers to entry have long posed challenges for potential participants. However, in a notable development, proprietary trading firms have assumed a role in a movement aimed at democratizing financial trading knowledge and training. This initiative seeks to dismantle the traditional constraints that have historically limited access to only a select few within the industry. Proprietary trading has surged to the forefront, becoming a central topic of discussion and development within the financial sector. New players are entering the scene, and established financial institutions are paying attention, indicating broader acceptance and integration of prop trading into the wider financial ecosystem.

FPFX Technologies stands at the forefront of the retail prop trading industry, offering unparalleled technological solutions to prop firms worldwide. With a legacy of leadership dating back to the industry’s inception, FPFX Tech has continuously set the standard for innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

At the core of its offerings lies the Prop Trading Tech Kit, an end-to-end automation solution meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of proprietary trading firms. This comprehensive suite of tools empowers clients to streamline their operations, reduce overhead, and seamlessly scale their businesses.

Justin D. Hertzberg, Esq., CEO of FPFX Technologies, is at the forefront of the company, pioneering unique technology solutions to take prop trading to the next level. Justin is an accomplished individual who wears multiple hats in the financial and technology realms. FPFX Tech aims to empower trading firms and brokerages by providing innovative technology solutions. Their vision centers around creating unique and individualized trading experiences for each trader, focusing on their specific market interactions. Through customization, automation, and bespoke user interfaces, FPFX Tech makes it easier for trading firms to attract and retain traders. Justin’s leadership at FPFX Tech has pioneered the first SaaS platform for proprietary trading, revolutionizing the industry with groundbreaking end-to-end automation.

Becoming A Leader

According to Justin, FPFX Tech is not a one-person company. “We have many different leaders across various areas of subject-matter expertise. Our success is a function of putting the right people in the right position to leverage what they do best,” he explains. “From there, it’s simply about working together as a team and making sure the best ideas get pushed to the forefront, regardless of who suggested it.”

As the first and largest SaaS technology provider in the prop trading industry, the company has built its technology around delivering highly configurable and even custom solutions to its licensees to provide the experience their end-users seek and expect. “Our mindset at FPFX Tech is to first succeed at building great technology solutions for prop firms. If we deliver on our promises to our clients, their businesses will thrive, and we will achieve financial success as a byproduct,” elucidates Justin. “We are constantly taking risks at FPFX Tech. From the beginning, we started this firm without any outside investors and no debt – extremely unusual for technology firms. We bet on ourselves and got this company off the ground through our collective efforts and ingenuity.”

And now, as a 65-person company, FPFX Tech continues to reinvest in its people, its technology, and the solutions it offers to existing and prospective licensees. As Justin states, there will always be challenges in any business or industry, but as a leader, one has to be focused and nimble at the same time to overcome any of the obstacles thrown at them. “It’s important to note that any great company is made up of great people. I am so fortunate to have partners and colleagues in this company who are strong in the areas I am not and who allow me to focus on how I can best help FPFX Tech,” says Justin. With this brilliant mindset, Justin has been taking the company to new heights.

A Unique Solution

FPFX Tech’s comprehensive software solution meets and exceeds the diverse requirements of prop trading firms, offering a wide range of features from custom prop trading plan development to automated account creation, monitoring, and risk management. With functionalities including rules monitoring, auto liquidations, notifications, email alerts, discount codes, live streaming, certificates, trading contests, affiliate portals, leaderboards, and customizable, real-time dashboards, their platform covers every aspect of prop trading administration. Furthermore, it supports multilingual presentation, ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.

Beyond automation, FPFX Tech’s Prop Trading Tech Kit provides robust report-generation capabilities, enabling clients to extract actionable insights from their trading activities and optimize strategies for enhanced profitability. FPFX Tech also goes above and beyond to support its clients throughout their journey. They understand that integrating with brokers and payment processors can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why their team offers dedicated assistance and guidance to navigate the integration process seamlessly. Whether setting up accounts, configuring payment gateways, or troubleshooting integration issues, FPFX Tech’s experts are always available to ensure clients a smooth and hassle-free experience.

In addition to offering technical support, FPFX Tech extends its services to encompass risk management, a crucial aspect in helping clients mitigate potential risks, fraudulent activity, and violations of terms of service. The dedicated team conducts thorough evaluations of trading plans, trader behavior, and trading activity, meticulously identifying areas of potential risk and opportunity. Through this process, they offer tailored recommendations to minimize exposure and enhance the integrity of their clients’ operations.

Moreover, FPFX Tech is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Their dedicated team of developers works tirelessly to enhance the features and functionality of the Prop Trading Tech Kit. “We listen to our client’s feedback and incorporate their suggestions into future updates, ensuring that our solution remains at the forefront of technological advancement,” states Justin. “Since our inception in 2020, FPFX Tech has experienced exponential growth, expanding from a team of three founding partners to a global workforce of over 70 professionals. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and Belgrade, Serbia, our presence spans continents, reflecting our commitment to serving clients globally.”

Today, FPFX Tech’s technology is trusted by over 145 prop firms and utilized by more than 2 million traders worldwide. Their proven track record of success and unwavering dedication to innovation have positioned them as the technology provider of choice for prop trading firms seeking unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

In an ever-evolving industry landscape, FPFX Tech remains steadfast in its mission to empower prop firms with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in this novel and evolving landscape. As they continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation, we remain committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive tangible results and foster long-term success for their clients. “Our mission is to continue to innovate and evolve as our industry grows and changes. It often feels like everything is in flux. If we can anticipate the changes in our space, we can continue to build tech solutions that keep our licensees in a position to succeed, which in turn, ensures our success,” concludes Justin.

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