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Neil Kilgour


"I have the most amazing group of dedicated people who share my values and vision for our business, together we are setting new levels of collaboration and support for our members our partners and each other. "

Inspiring & Empowering Everyone

Armed with a passion for business and innovation, Neil Kilgour, CEO of CH4B (Central Hub 4 Business), is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment and focused on delivering results that matter. Neil is guided by core values that include honesty, integrity, and a deep sense of responsibility to all CH4B employees, members, and partners. Ultimately, his goal is to inspire and empower others to achieve their full potential and create a brighter future.

Neil and his business partner Nicola Buckby (Managing Director) have created a new concept for Business Support in the UK— CH4B is a membership organisation for SME businesses—the key benefits for these members are that CH4B proactively support them with regular strategy meetings taking them through a unique process that will help them in delivering what they want for their business. Members also have access to CH4B’s directory of expert partners, where members can access anything they need for their business while confident that the partner has been checked and vetted to deliver the service they are looking for. “We have created a ‘one-stop shop’ for business owners to access anything they need for their business” says Neil. “We understand the challenges that business owners face when searching for the right service provider, and we have taken the time to select the right solutions with some of the best providers to ensure that our members have access to the very best services available.

By providing a comprehensive solution that includes support, education, access to specialists, and a marketplace of vetted vendors, we help our members save time and money, allowing them to focus on what matters most, growing their business. Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our members, so they can make the best choices for their business.”

The motivation behind Neil’s leadership style is to positively impact the individuals and organisations that his team and he have the opportunity of working with. “I am driven by a strong sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference to SME businesses and business owners across the UK,” adds Neil.


After spending almost 6 years traveling the world Neil started his career in his early twenties in various sales roles where he learned the importance of building relationships, listening to customers and delivering results. These skills proved to be valuable as he progressed into management for a National Home Improvement company in the early nineties.

In just six years, Neil went from the top sales person in the company, where he won a brand new BMW in the National Sales competition to Sales Director and was instrumental in the growth of the company from £3 million to £30 million per annum. His passion for business and dedication to customer service helped him to achieve this success.

In 1999, Neil took the bold step of selling his house and moving into a rented property to raise the funds to start his first business in the Home Improvement sector.

“Looking back, I would have done it all so very differently, however its always easy in hindsight. My intention was to duplicate what I had done in my employed role’ stated Neil “The business started well and within two years had 6 branches and a turnover in excess of £10 million per year however due to a number of issues including overtrading the business failed which Neil takes full responsibility for.

Neil says “This was a really difficult time, thinking that your business is going well and then very quickly it all went horribly wrong. Having to go Bankrupt and Divorced in the same year was a really challenging time in my life! I look back now and see this time as one of my greatest lessons and I wouldn’t be where I am today without going through those challenges”.

Neil is now a serial entrepreneur owning and running five successful businesses also a supportive husband to his wife, who is a UK Soul artist. He has played an important role in supporting her career and helping her to achieve success.

Neil’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and persistence. His journey from Sales Person to Successful Entrepreneur is an inspiration to anyone who dreams of starting their own business. Neil’s passion for business, customer service, and his willingness to learn and adapt has enabled him to achieve remarkable success in his career.

Success & Leadership

For Neil, success is a journey and comes from hard work, determination, and perseverance. It also involves overcoming challenges and setbacks along the way, of which Neil has had his share.

The steadfast leader advises everyone who seeks his advice to firstly be clear in their requirements. He states, “Surround yourself with good positive people, be open to new ideas and be willing to change your approach if necessary, take time to celebrate your successes (however small) and learn from your failures however the three most important of all,  Be persistent and don’t give up, Be persistent and don’t give up and be persistent and don’t give up!.”

Neil is guiding his employees with the best training, motivation, and job security in this volatile market. “I have an amazing group of dedicated people who share my values and vision for our business, without them this would not be possible, together we are setting new levels of collaboration and support for each other and our members and partners,” explains Neil. “This ensures that everyone is clear on their individual responsibilities and is fully motivated. Job security comes from the success delivered by everyone’s collaborative effort.”

Our organisation is proud to share some of the remarkable successes achieved by our members. One of our members, who joined us less than two years ago, has exhibited exceptional growth in her business. Through the implementation of various systems and processes, she has successfully more than doubled her turnover in just over a year, making significant progress and stability in her entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to this, another business within our community has made great strides in both organisation and profitability. By utilizing 17 of our expert partners across various areas of their business, they have experienced remarkable improvements in their operations. Witnessing the positive transformation of these businesses and their owners is a testament to the benefits of engaging with our organisation, and we all take great pride in seeing these successes. 

Building A Brand

According to Neil, many organisations offer support to SME businesses; however, CH4B has a unique concept that sets them apart from other business support organisations.

“Our company is offering something different, providing a trusted and ethical environment where a business owner can access anything they need through the interactive member area and our dedicated CH4B team. Having everything that a business needs in one place is unique!” elucidates Neil. “We live and breathe our values and have built an expert partner directory where all our partners share in our values. Our focus and number one goal is to deliver the best support and service for our members, through our member portal they can access a wealth of information support and services to support their business.”

The CH4B community connects like-minded business owners to share their knowledge to help them learn and grow together. Through years of establishing excellent relationships within business CH4B has built a team of experts who can deliver effective solutions to any challenges their members face.

Building a strong brand is crucial for any business, but especially for a business membership organization like CH4B. A strong brand helps to establish trust and credibility with potential members and sets the organization apart from competitors. To build a strong brand, CH4B has focused on developing a clear and consistent message that highlights their unique offering.

Overall, building a strong brand for CH4B requires a focus on clear messaging, personalized support, and a strong visual identity. By emphasizing their unique selling points and demonstrating commitment to supporting business owners they will establish a strong brand that resonates with potential members and helps them stand out in a crowded market.

Towards the Future

CH4B members also benefit from access to their Learning Hub, which contains a wealth of educational webinars, articles, and thought leadership. The company’s learning hub is full of information provided by its expert partners. Each of the partners has a unique specialty and skill. CH4B also runs an ‘Ask the expert’ webinar each month where they ask their members any questions they wish the company could put to their expert. This is recorded and shared with CH4B members on the portal.

“We are already in the process of building a cutting-edge high-tech platform that promises to revolutionise the way our clients experience our services. With its intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and state-of-the-art technology, our new platform will deliver a seamless and personalised experience like never before,” adds Neil. “We believe that this new platform will represent the future of client experience and we are confident that it will set the standard for years to come.”

CH4B, has recently introduced an innovative Accountancy membership model, heralding a new era of growth for the company. According to Neil, the model is set to revolutionize their business and propel them to new heights. Under this model, accountants are entitled to all the regular member benefits, with the added benefit of providing their clients with a complimentary standard membership to their portal, significantly enhancing the value proposition for their clients.

Moreover, clients are eligible for a £400 discount should they wish to upgrade to their premium membership, adding further value to the overall offering. CH4B has reached out to only eight accountants to date, of which six have already joined and are in the process of rolling out these benefits to their clients. These developments are indeed exciting and promise to bring about tremendous success for the company.

Neil and the CH4B team have many goals; however, the main goal for the company is their overall Vision—To be the premier business membership organisation in the UK, setting the standard for excellence in member support and satisfaction. CH4B strives to exceed the members’ expectations, providing them proactively and consistently with the resources and services they need to succeed and building a community of like-minded individuals and organisations who share their values.

CH4B is also committed to creating a trusted and ethical environment for business owners to access anything they need for their business, including proactive support and guidance to achieve outstanding results. To deliver the right solution the first time, resulting in creating more time, more money, and faster momentum toward their members’ desired outcome.(This is after all their Mission Statement!)

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